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Information about each therapy offered is included on this page. 
You may have a preference for a particular technique or find that one works better for you than others, or you may choose a combination of therapies, so treatment is always flexible and individually tailored to your needs and wishes.  
Much importance is given to exploring the personal strengths and resources that you already have, and building on these. 
It's natural for people to sometimes feel a little apprehensive about making contact or coming for a first session. Being able to talk first via email or phone, or coming along for a free initial discussion, can help you feel much more comfortable and at ease. It’s really important that your therapy should be a positive and enjoyable experience. 
Maintaining change between sessions, and after they have ended, is an important part of the process and ongoing phone and email contact is available to support you in this
We all experience hypnotic states on a regular basis, perhaps whilst we’re watching a film, daydreaming or on "automatic pilot" whilst driving a very familiar route.  
Hypnosis is a natural, relaxed but focused state during which your mind is more receptive to new ideas and positive suggestions; most people achieve this relaxed state. 
Hypnotherapy uses this natural state of hypnosis to help you shift more easily from old, unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour to more beneficial ones.  
You remain conscious, comfortable and in control throughout. 
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.  
Neuro Linguistic Programming.  
Both therapies explore the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, body sensations, behaviour and environment and look at how these elements interact with one another to keep problems in place. 
Both also employ practical techniques and exercises to help challenge and change unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and improve mood. 
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has an evidence-base for alleviating depression and anxiety problems. 
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.  
Emotional Freedom Technique.  
These therapies can be applied to help process and release the negative impact of disturbing or traumatic memories and involve a physical component to treatment.  
In Emotional Freedom Technique the therapist (or client) taps gently on a sequence of points on the face and upper body whilst the client talks about a relevant memory and/or their current experience.  
In Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing the client holds a relevant memory in mind whilst repeatedly tracking a moving object from left to right and back again with their eyes - although bilateral tapping on the hands or knees may also be used instead of eye movements. 
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing has a proven evidence-base for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
Clients using either therapy do not need to discuss traumatic or upsetting memories in any detail if they do not wish to do so. 
Mindfulness Meditation. 
Mindfulness meditation techniques are increasingly being incorporated into healthcare and are particularly helpful for: 
Stress and tension 
Persistent negative thoughts associated with depression and anxiety  
Pain and discomfort arising from physical ill-health  
Mindfulness work can be effective when applied on a one-to-one basis or with small groups. 
Lifestyle Advice. 
Factors such as diet, exercise and sleep, can have a major impact on our health and emotional life. By making some simple adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, you can help to: 
Decrease stress 
Lift your mood 
Decrease cravings  
Regulate your weight 
Increase your energy 
Making such changes can enhance the benefits of therapy. 
Naturally, you will have questions you want to ask about your treatment. Do have a look at the Questions and Answers page which provides answers to some of the questions people most frequently ask. 
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